Why Most Webmasters Avoid Affiliate Networks

When most webmasters start to get into affiliate marketing either to promote products on their current websites, or to create pages dedicated to selling others products to earn a commission they try to go to the place where they can find the most affiliates. It is a good thing to know all your options available and to see all products that you can use on your website, but the truth is that you don’t need all the products.

Webmasters Avoid Affiliate Networks

You don’t need to sell a lot of products, or to be connected to a lot of products. You need to promote right products. Products or services that relates the best to your website and your visitors will see them as natural links and will never think you will earn a commission for it.

While you can disclose that they are affiliate links, or they can check the links to see, that is not something to bother them. What they are upset about is when they realize that you are promoting products that they are not interested in, unrelated to the content. This is why most people hate ads, because most of the time they are not related to your content.

Affiliate networks has the advantage to have a large database so you can make a better selection of your products, but this is not a big advantage. Relying only on products from big affiliate networks will prevent you from going out in the wild and search for new better ones.

Here are some of disadvantages of working with a big affiliate network:

  • Most products and services are focused only on  several categories, so it is harder to find the perfect products for your website
  • You get the feeling that you have so many options but in fact you miss a lot of deals trying to work only with a big network
  • They hardly adapt to new technologies and new strategies so you will find out that you have to receive a check every month if you can’t use a Direct Deposit ( Most big affiliate networks don’t work with paypal or other online paying service )
  • The competition is very high so advertisers will not think that they should raise the commission they give to you, they have enough people to promote their products anyway
  • They have strict rules and your account may be suspended if you do not generate any commission during a specific period, or your whole account can be blocked due to a problem with an advertiser
  • They usually have outdated banners and offers as most advertisers build their separate affiliate program but they still keep alive their partnership with the affiliate network, and they will focus on their intern affiliate program and ignore to update their banners and offers they have registered at affiliate network

That’s some of the disadvantages of using an affiliate network. I often review products that I’m affiliated with on my blogs or websites, but I never go to a network and search for the next product to review. Instead, I write what I think it is good for my readers, and many times I stumble upon good websites or products ( mostly free ) and I just say: “This will be a good addition to my website if I review it” so I start to write the review. It may happen that the product is paid and they have an affiliate program set-up so I join, grab the affiliate links and add to my website. In this way I’m always sure I don’t bother my readers with thing they won’t use, things that they won’t like.

I want everything to be as natural as i can, this is why searching trough an affiliate network will not help me in my business. Why I wanted to share this list of bad things about affiliate networks is because I really hate when I see a nice product that I must review on my blog and when the affiliate link in the footer is clicked they redirect me to their landing page of a big affiliate network.

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