Why You Should Use Polls On Your WordPress Blog?

Polls are a great way to gather information from your readers. It helps a blogger to know that what their readers need and love. Blogging is all about sharing and reader contribution is very important for a blog. A blog survival is depended on its readers and you must know the nature of your readers. Popular bloggers like Problogger.net always run polls on their blogs. The reason why they do this, because they care about there readers and want to only share information that are interesting for their readers.

polls for wordpress blog

What Exactly Are Polls?

Some simple examples could be:


How is my Blog Design?





Do You Love WordPress or Blogspot?




These types of polls help in gathering information from readers. For example the 2nd poll will help you to know the interest of your readers. If they love WordPress, then you will have to write more articles about WordPress. Similarly if majority is saying Blogspot – then you must come up with blogspot related posts.

How to Start Polls?

WordPress is very feature rich blogging platform, and Plugin Installation has made it very easy to customize your blog. There is a very useful plugin called WP Polls. It is still updated today and has been one of the most popular ones throughout the years. There is documentation on the plugin page. Also, you can visit the forums there to find any other information you may need on it.

Start a poll now and gather information from your readers. On the basis of that data you can then write more articles in your blog. The more loyalty you will show to your readers, the more readers you will get. You can even show entertainment related polls on your blog, to entertain your readers of course.

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