How to Use Accelerated Mobile Pages in WordPress

In this article, we will see how can you use “Accelerated Mobile Pages” with your WordPress blog. Before we see it, let us see what is Accelerated Mobile Page aka AMP.

# What is AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project is an open source initiative that came out of discussions between publishers and technology companies about the need to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone – publishers, consumer platforms, creators, and users.

Today, the expectation is that content should load super fast and be easy to explore. The reality is that content can take several seconds to load, or, because the user abandons the slow page, never fully loads at all. Accelerated Mobile Pages are web pages designed to load instantaneously – they are a step towards a better mobile web for all. Source

# Benefit of AMP

The one and only benefit of Accelerated Mobile Pages is speed. This is why AMP project was started.

The number of internet users worldwide is increasing in millions, but in most of the developing nations, users are using The Internet with the help of mobile devices and slow internet connections.

Most of the websites are responsive but that doesn’t mean, they are optimized for speed. Therefore, they don’t get the same experience as a user with high-speed internet connection gets. But with the help of Accelerated mobile pages, we can optimize our websites for mobile internet users and improve their experience even on slow networks, and this is the aim of AMP project.

Accelerated Mobile Pages With WordPress

Accelerated Mobile Pages With WordPress

# How do AMP works?

AMP provides only the basic functionality to the users, that means AMP removes the unnecessary javascript and other things which slows down your website but it does not touch the content, the content will be shown to the user as it is.

If you are using Accelerated Mobile Pages, then you will have an AMP version of pages and a normal page. The AMP version of the page can be accessed by adding /amp/ to the pages. However, the users will not access the amp version if they are accessing your pages normally, they will access them mainly when search engines like google refer them to the AMP version, which google does if the user is using mobile.

# Should you use Accelerated Mobile Pages?

To understand if you should use AMP or not, you should consider these things:

Advantages of AMP:

  • It improves the speed.
  • If you have mobile visitors, it will improve their experience.
  • Some people are saying, it might be a Search engine ranking factor in future. But I doubt if it will ever be a ranking factor.

Disadvantages of AMP:

  • It will remove most of the functionalities on your website.
  • It will make your website, an old looking website which will have some basic functionalities with content only.

Now, decide yourself.

Using Accelerated Mobile Pages With WordPress

In order to enable AMP for your WordPress blog pages, you can add the plugin AMP by Automattic.

After enabling the plugin, your blog posts and pages will have an AMP version, which can be accessed by adding /amp/ to the URL. However, it does not support an AMP version for the homepage or the archives.

You will notice that the plugin doesn’t provide any settings or options to manipulate the amp version pages. For that, you can install the plugin from Pagefrog, which will give you the following options. (Yes you will have to use both the plugins).

  • Limited manipulation in the styling of AMP version pages.
  • You can enable Facebook Instant articles
  • You can add analytics code
  • You can enable ads

Do you use Yoast SEO plugin?

If you use Yoast SEO plugin, you can use a new plugin by them to integrate metadata, as the AMP plugin by Automattic changes the metadata.

The updated Version of Yoast AMP plugin provides more functionality and can be used as an alternative to Pagefrog plugin. The updated version provides these functionalities:

  • Enabling or disabling amp version of posts and pages.
  • AMP icon and default featured image.
  • You can add google analytics code.
  • Styling the posts and AMP pages.

How Google views your Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Once you are done with all the plugins, check your AMP pages with Structured Data testing tool, Google even created a specific page in their Search Console for Accelerated mobile pages. You can check the page for issues regarding AMP by navigating to Search Console > Search Appearance > Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Known Accelerated Mobile Pages Errors shown in Google Search Console

Google search console has a dedicated section for accelerated mobile pages, where you can see various details like Number of indexed AMP version pages and errors.

  1. Invalid attribute values: src=’ defer=’defer

I was getting this error continuously in my search console for a large number of pages. This was caused by a plugin setting (in my case it was Speed Booster) which was making all the javascript files loading async, there was nothing wrong in loading the files in async mode, the problem was that the tag was not getting added properly. Therefore, I had to add the file in exception and that solved the issue.

2. Required tags missing: amphtml engine v0.js script and Unkown syntax errors:amp-anim extension .js script required by amp-anim

The issue was same as the first one and the solution is also same.

3. Structured Data (Error in Article) 

I was getting this error, due to the absence of Featured images in some article. I added a default featured image using the Yoast AMP plugin.

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