Tools Every Blogger Needs

Blogging isn’t always easy, especially if you are out to make a buck while doing it by trying to catch the eye of a marketing agency or two. However, there are several online tools that can make your blog more SEO effective and help you raise your PageRank more quickly. A few of these blogger tools that every blogger should be utilizing include:

Google Keyword Planner

Blogger Tools 300x199People are interested in nearly every subject matter you can think of when it comes to trying to find a worthy topic worth writing about. While you can almost always find a niche market, they won’t always find you if you aren’t incorporating the right keywords into your posts. By using Google keyword planner tool you can always be in the know of what keywords are hot, incorporate them into your posts, and make it easier for the search engines to find you.

Wordtracker Keyword Questions

Similar to the Keyword tool, the Wordtracker Keyword Questions allows you to screen popular questions that people enter into the search engines. With this knowledge, you can then create content that includes subjects currently trending. So if you were to enter money, the tool would give you questions such as “How to make money online” and “How to save money for retirement.”

Windows Live Writer

For the blogger on the go, the Windows Live Writer is a great tool to have. The free program allows you to write blog posts offline and then post them whenever it is convenient for you or whenever a connection becomes available. The program is highly compatible and will even let you post directly to WordPress.

Broken Link Checker

If you want a successful blog, then you are going to have to incorporate all SEO techniques possible and one of the most important techniques is backlinks and anchor text. If you are busy, constantly checking links is no easy task, but with Broken Link Checker, a WordPress plugin, the tool will scan and check you posts for you – constantly keeping your links fresh and relevant.

Google Related Searches

Google reigns supreme when it comes to knowing popular keywords, and with the Google Related Searches you can find not only popular keywords, but also those that are related to the keywords you are interested in using.

Trying to implement great SEO in your blog isn’t always the easiest task if you are going at it blindly; however, with a few of these tools, you can not only increase the quality of your content but also your rank in the search engines.  Marketing companies aren’t hard to find,  you can locate several by using google.  However getting them to want to work with you isn’t easy unless you have the traffic to back you up.

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