Tips On Successful Entrepreneur Businesses

Working Smart 

We all have times where we feel as though we’ve been working non-stop and the progress doesn’t seem right. For example, if after 3 hours of writing and you have only finished 2 articles then something must be wrong. Working smart is one of the skills which we need to apply every day. One of the stupidest things I’ve done when I first started out was when I was building my email list. I was using a free bulk-emailing software which I downloaded from the internet to send emails and for people to subscribe to my list. Every time I sent out an email to my list, there would be a number of delivery failures which I would receive. I also received a lot of unsubscribed requests which I had to remove manually from the database. With all these delivery failures and un-subscribes, I made a list of these email addresses and removed them one by one from the master list. This list maintenance took me 3 hours every time I emailed to the list. If I was lazy it sometimes took me 4 hours. I was definitely not working smart. If you’re doing a task that’s taking you a long time and you’re doing it continuously, you must start to think of other possibilities for a work-around solution. For me, I went ahead and looked up for information about autoresponders. I looked at the reviews and recommendations and chose Aweber. This autoresponder service took away 4 hours of my time every week. The delivery of emails was better and I was less stressed. This proves that working hard does not necessarily mean you’ll succeed. For now, think about how you can save time and if there are any tools that can help you do it. It is worth spending money on buying tools if they will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Do Your Job

There are many online business owners who are spending time doing things which are not their responsibility. For instance, they may be developing the websites themselves even when they don’t have the necessary skills to do so. Even for creating one page sales letters, an affiliate program, or using a new software etc… these tasks are not for the online business owner. Your job is to think of ways to increase your profits and build business relationships. You don’t need to learn HTML, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, and Flash. These tasks can be outsourced. Upwork is a great website for this.

Think of the situation this way. Do you think the owner of a restaurant will cook for every customer? Do you think the owner of a company will do the administration work of a clerk? The only exception is when you are starting off with your business and cost is an issue. But as soon as you can afford to outsource, you should do it. Let me expand on this a little further. For information products which you sell, they don’t have to be written by you. Find someone from the freelance sites and get someone to write that ebook for you. Look for respected ghostwriters in forums and in freelance websites and get the writing of the ebook, sales letter and graphics outsourced. As well as saving you weeks in doing the tasks yourself, the quality will also be much better. The extent you outsource will depend on how much money you can afford. If you’re barely surviving with your income, then, of course, you need to do a lot of the things yourself. If you’re making a profit from your home business, then invest the money back into your business. Don’t do things which are not your job and which you’re not good at.


People who are persistent in their goals and tasks will be successful. With time management, you need to be persistent with your schedule, habits, and goals. This means you should plan your day, your goals and act on your to-do list persistently. Many people start off being very well organized and plan everything from getting a new notepad, to tidying their desks…and then they GIVE UP??? Normally the reason is that they’ve lost interest or they want to work on some other new ideas which they have. This is like throwing your time and hard work down the drain. The work you have done previously is wasted. You’ll rarely get back to it. Even if you do, you would have lost the momentum and interest in the project. While working on your new project, you will very likely get distracted again and work on something else or see a new product, buy it and study it. If there are several things you will learn from this book, then please let this be one of them. Define what your goals are and what projects you want to work on. Then go full throttle and work on it to completion. Be persistent with all of your projects and ideas. Don’t leave them unfinished. You’ll find that you’ll get a lot more done and the results are much better.

Split Up The Big Projects 

If you want to break a bunch of chopsticks, the best way is to do it is individually one by one. The hardest way is trying to break them all at once. Same applies to time management. If you have a big project to do which overwhelms you and just by looking at it gives you a headache, then break it into smaller, manageable chunks. Understand your capabilities. Are you biting much more than you can chew? Look at the big project as a whole and then break it into manageable tasks. Then work on your tasks and tick them off your list. You’ll be much more motivated to do the tasks and you’ll have a sense of satisfaction when you cross off the things you’ve completed. A lot of time is spent worrying on how big the project is and how you’re going to tackle it. Some people can’t stand the thought of the work and avoid it altogether. The quickest way to stop wasting time on worrying about the huge workload is to break it down into smaller steps and complete each one individually. You can treat each stage of this huge project as a small project in itself.

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