Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media

There’s the nerd’s endgame and then there are regular people. The social media boom made us more connected, better informed, and placed us all at a much higher risk than ever before. A friend request here and a location check in there and you’re pretty much as good as handing yourself over to a predator. The worst part is the apps that keep coming out – from identifying party going men and women to locating someone at will – asking for a more linked and more social experience which basically opens the doors to a world of potential stalker disaster.

Start with yourself

Go through the security protocol on all social media outlets you’re a part of. Facebook, for example, has made sharing every single piece of information you know with every single person you know a whole lot easier, but with that, it also gives you multiple options for limiting who sees what on your profile. Go through the privacy settings in detail and sort through what information you’re showing to the world. There’s a possibility that your posts are available for the entire world to see, along with your pictures. Look into different lists and how you can restrict people who are part of your friends’ list to limit what they can or can’t see. And at the end of the day when you don’t know someone well enough just don’t let them into your social media profiles. Every single social media site allows for great control over security and privacy, you just need to play around with your settings a bit to make sure that you’re not opening yourself up to a whole world of danger.

The ‘where’ is key

We’ve all seen those Twitter updates and Facebook statuses where someone leaves their account signed in and ends up with a ridiculous status update. It’s all fun and games till that access falls into the hands of someone you don’t know. If you’re using your social media accounts in public spaces be wary of people who are looking over your shoulder and could misuse your accounts. We put in a lot of information which could be visible to just us but doesn’t stay secure once someone signs into our accounts. You may not know this but some systems can have a keystroke logger installed on them which can easily capture your passwords. Key stroke loggers aren’t something you’ll be able to find on the desktop nor will you be given a notification that your password has been captured.

The same is the case with open Wi-Fi connections. If you think you’re getting away with free internet think again. Different PC monitoring software can easily create records of what web pages you’re browsing and what you’re doing while you’re online. Some PC monitoring software can also go to the extreme of taking screen shots of encrypted pages it can’t otherwise keep a record of.

Take another look at your pc

Malware and spyware can make its way into your system at any time with great ease unless you keep yourself protected with firewalls and an anti-virus. Make sure you’re up to speed on updates because they help keep your system safe from elements that can steal and misuse your information. There’s been a huge problem with tracking cookies on browsers and malware lifting information from one’s own personal system, staying on your toes is the only option you have.

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