Tips To Increase Your Facebook Likes

Maybe you have just set up a blog and are desperate for more exposure. Or perhaps you simply crave for more attention on the Internet. Regardless of whether you are trying to market your products or gain popularity, Facebook is one of the best social networking sites for you to achieve your objective. On Facebook, you can share your thoughts, get people to comment on your posts and photos, spread the word around about an event or announce good news to the world. However, you can only do so if people “like” your page, as one will only receive newsfeeds on a page after they have “liked” it.

Increase Your Facebook Likes

So how do you get more “likes” for your Facebook page?

  • Promotional offers and freebies

    One promotional tactic that you can use is to organize a contest where the winners will be the ones with the highest number of votes/likes. If you are a regular on Facebook, you would surely have received requests from your friends asking you to vote for them in a contest they’ve participated in. It is most likely a photo contest where the “most popular” photo would be the winning one.

    Determined to win, the participants then start frantically asking their friends to click the “like” button on their photos to enable them to garner more votes. But before you can “like” the photo, you must first “like” the page of the contest organizer. And there, that was an easy and quick way to get as many “likes” as possible in a short time!

  • Facebook advertising

    Given that almost everyone has a Facebook account, advertising on Facebook is one of the fastest ways to reach your target audience. The side of your Facebook page is usually peppered with attractive ads, either offering you a chance to win an iPad, highlighting the latest Groupon deals or inviting you to take part in a contest. Upon clicking on these ads, you will find yourself on the Facebook page for the advertiser. It is then likely that you will “like” the page if you find it interesting, subsequently allowing yourself to receive updates from the advertiser through the Facebook statuses.

    Facebook advertising helps businesses gain more audience and market. It is a cheap and yet effective branding solution that even small businesses and individual bloggers can afford. Sometimes you can buy Facebook likes too.

  • Catchy photos and videos

    You might have noticed the latest craze on Facebook is the sharing of humorous images, videos and quotes. Quirky sayings or funny pictures always catch people’s attention. For instance, most people, from teens to adults, are drawn to the popular memes. These memes are so popular and amusing that you might notice them being shared by many on their respectively Facebook walls.

    If you can’t come up with anything catchy or quirky, you could post the latest news or gossips instead. Just make sure that they are fresh, first-hand piece of news that would wow people. Once you have caught their interest, they are likely to subscribe to you by “liking” your page.

  • Ask Friends

    Get your friends to like your page by first suggesting your page to them. Select a few friends whom you think your page might interest them or pick a few out of the 1,000 friends that you may have. Then, get some support from the willing ones by asking them to do the same too. Do you have a really popular friend who has a large number of Facebook friends, maybe the college beauty queen, a socialite among the seniors, a politics enthusiast, a makeup expert, a church pastor or an avid traveler? They would have a wide circle of friends and would be good connections to spread the word and help you obtain the desired number of “likes” in Facebook.

A Facebook page with more than a few thousand “likes” is impressive enough for a small business. You might think that 1,000 is a small number but bear in mind the number of friends that each of these fans have. Just multiply 1,000 with the minimum 100 friends and you can already potentially reach out to 100,000 Facebookers out there. Once you have gained the desired “likes”, remember that your fans can also leave the page any time they think that they aren’t able to relate to you anymore. Therefore, interact with your fans and continue to trigger their interests!

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