How to Submit Your Website/Blog Sitemap to Bing Search Engine

Submitting your Website/Blog sitemap to Search engines, will make work easy for the search for the search engine spiders and make your blog pages crawled by their robots. We have already written articles on the importance of having a sitemap and how to create an XML sitemap for your WordPress blog using Google XML Sitemap plugin. The next step is submitting the generated sitemap to Search Engines.


Since we have already written tutorials on How to submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and How to Submit your XML Sitemap to Yahoo Site Explorer, its time to submit your Sitemap to the buzzing Microsoft Search Engine, Bing. Bing Search Engine, launched by Microsoft, is a real competitor for Google and it offer’s more features than Google. Bing is using the MSN database, so most of the blogs/websites got indexed into it. But if you are not sure about whether you blog/website is indexed in Bing, you can submit your Sitemap to Bing by following the steps given below.

Bing has updated its webmaster tools by adding many new features. Do check our post on Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools Gets New Beginning.

How to Submit Your Website/Blog Sitemap to Bing Search Engine?

1. Go to Bing Webmasters Homepage and click sign in to use Bing Webmaster tools.

2. Now login to Bing webmaster tools using your account credentials. If you don’t have an account, create one and sign into Bing webmaster tools.

3. Once you have logged in, you will see the Bing webmaster dashboard. Now Click Add site and enter the URL of your site and Click Submit.

4. Now you need to verify your Blog/Website ownership. You can do this by two options. Either by copy paste META tag in your blog homepage or by placing an XML file on your web server. I prefer to place XML file in web server since it won’t disturb the Authentication if we do any customization with our blog template.

Once you downloaded the XML file and placed it on your web server, click verify.

5. If everything goes right, you will see your Blog/Website dashboard in Bing webmaster tools.

6. To add Sitemaps, Click crawl tab and in the left side of your screen, you will see Sitemaps. Click it.

7. Once you have clicked the Sitemap Option, you will see the Sitemap page for that particular domain. To add a sitemap, click Add a Sitemap, a pop up will come. Enter your desired Sitemap URL and Click submit.

That’s it. You are done. Now you have submitted your website/blog sitemap to Bing search engine. Here’s a screenshot of successful sitemap submission.

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