Social Media and Blogging: The Connection

The relationship between social networking sites and professional blogging may be somewhat of an odd one. While it is certainly helpful that a blogger employs the promotional facets of a social networking site to deliver results, it is not always necessary. Many top bloggers have succeeded without decent social networking profiles. However, it is certainly advisable that you sign on with a decent blogging platform since this can definitely help expand your success potential. This is due in great part to its ability to raise awareness of the blog you are promoting.

social media and blogging connection

How can this be achieved? While most people consider social networking sites to be exclusively social, this is not really the case. Many professional businesses will sign on with a social networking site solely with the intention of promoting their business ventures. Any and all manner of business ventures can be promoted via a social networking site. (And for that matter so can a great variety of hobbyist pursuits as well) Through using a social networking platform to increase the awareness towards your blog, you might end up with a blog that is far more successful and popular than you ever though it could be. Certainly, that would be a good thing!

What is it that a social media/network can provide for your blog?

In a word: traffic. You could amass a significant friends list of people and then direct them towards your blog. Each and every time there is an update on the blog, you can let the members of your social network know about it. This, hopefully, will lead to them visiting the site and looking over the new information.

There are many ways in which you can inform someone of an update to your blog. Bulletins, private emails, and, ironically, internal social network blogs can all be employed as excellent promotional vehicles. Some may even wonder why not use the blogs on the social network as your main blogging platform. Honestly, you would probably not want to do that. There are a great many rules and restrictions in regards to the type of advertisement you can place on a social networking blog. Editorial review might also be an issue depending upon the blogging platform you work with. Ultimately, you would not want to put too much effort into the social network’s blog other than using it as a vehicle to drive traffic to your “real” blog. It is worthwhile to point out that you could use your social networking blog as a sample of your blogging skills. This could lead to further enticing readers and denizens of the social networking site to become curious of your work and wish to learn more about it.

The main reason people produce a blog is they want people to read it. That means a few additional steps need to be taken to properly and effectively promote the blog. Maximizing the benefit of a social networking site would be a proper step in this direction.

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