Setting Goals for Yourself

Setting Goals and Asking Yourself Questions

Setting goals is not as easy as you think. Why you are doing something is not the same as what you want to accomplish by doing it. This question takes the first one to a deeper level because it makes you look at it as more than a far off dream but as an attainable goal. If your answer is “to make some extra cash”, then you probably have a set amount of cash you want to make. Perhaps it is to help pay off a debt or to afford a new vehicle. Whatever the reason, now is the time to figure that out.

How Much

Do not shrug this off! It is so incredibly important and so often overlooked. We guarantee you the people that are very successful online all have answered this question. This comes down to work ethic, you need to take the time to build your solid foundation, and then once that is established, everything else will fall into place. So How Do You Set a Goal? Let’s say you make a $40,000 a year salary and want to be able to quit that job to work full time online. The first thing you will need to do is to understand exactly how much you need to live on and then double that (this is the formula we used when we started). So for our example, if you make $40,000 but feel you could live on $35,000 then that would be $70,000. Now that you have a goal of $70,000 as a yearly income, the reason you double it is because you will have to pay taxes, health insurance, employees (even if just outsourcing) and so on. 50% is generous but the last thing you want to do here is short change yourself. Next, you need to figure out exactly how much money that is per day. So take $70,000 and divide it by 365 which equals approximately $192 a day.

Setting Goals

So now you need to ask yourself, how are you going to do that? Break that value down to smaller goals. So for example, what it might look like for you is:

• $100 – Affiliate income

• $70 – Adsense / Yahoo Pub / Chitika / Pepperjam

• $15 – Advertising on blog (this is just an example)

Now it is time to pick a time frame that you are going to achieve that goal. You want to be aggressive here, but you also need to be realistic. If you have never built a blog in your life and to think you are going to achieve that goal in 30 days, is not realistic. A realistic example might be to create a time frame such as:

• 1 Months – Earning enough to pay for itself

• 3 Months – Earning $1000 per month

• 6 Months – Earning $3000 per month

• 1 Year – Earning $5800 per month (Your 1-Year goal)

Once you have your first goal accomplished, then focus on your second and third. Once that final goal is reached make another one and this time go bigger! Setting goals is important but make sure they are realistic! We agree full and well with the concept of aiming high, but one of the biggest reasons many people get discouraged with their progress as they start too high. If you are just starting out, set a goal to what you can live on and then once you achieve that you can then focus more time on being able to do this full-time and you can start to reach for the BIG goals. If you already have a goal, then congratulations! You are already ahead of the majority.

Something important to note is that you need to stick to your plan and not focus on what every other marketer is telling you. Once you have a plan in place and start to see what is working for you… then simply repeat the process. If a new product or strategy comes out and looks good then figure out how to implement it into your current strategy. If it does not fit then leave it alone! If it does fit and makes something easier to do then great! Keep it and keep moving forward! This is so often the spot that people get hung up on.

They have a plan but then Mr. Marketer comes along and says to do it this way instead, so we stop what we are doing and start over again, or even worse, do nothing while we analyze the situation and waste time and money. Get back to the basics, start with a goal and create yourself a firm foundation first! Once you have this goal, you will want to print it out and place it somewhere prominent that you will be able to see every day that you are at your work station. Every morning before you get started, focus on that goal and what you are going to do today to get close to achieving it.

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