How To Make Money Online With Quora

What is Quora?

Quora is a a very simple social networking site where you can ask questions and people will answer your questions. One of the hottest Quora posts was made from Tech evangelist, Robert Scoble, with his post; Is Quora the biggest blogging innovation in 10 years? Quora also is great for  helping people. It also allows you to choose which topics you want to follow and read about and only displays questions related to those topics.  One thing that I love about it is it’s founders are ex-Facebook employees!

Why is Quora important?

Quora is steadily becoming an information giant.  TechCrunch reported “It’s not just that it’s Yahoo Answers reborn, it’s that it’s Yahoo Answer done right.”  I couldn’t agree with them more.   When I was in California at The Crunchies I was able to talk with a few people that worked at Quora.  I asked them “Why did they think Quora is important?”  They responded that Quora gives people a connection to each question.  It connects you to the person who answers the question.  You can ask your friends questions, and get multiple people to answer.  It’s social responsibility that the person has to answer the questions accurately.

How do I make money with Quora?

Quora isn’t the easiest place to make money but it is possible.  With Quora you have a chance to help people out and answer questions.  Instead of putting garbage information and crappy links into their system that will be “no-follow” links.  Write something that will be useful to the person.  Answer their questions.  Answer as many questions as you can.  When people trust you, they will go to your profile where they will be able to see what your website is.  This site is a great opportunity to give people a reason to trust you.  When a person has trust in you, they will follow you and buy anything that you put in-front of them.  This will allow you to make money online with Quora.

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