Guide For Starting Your Business Blog

Lots of people are wondering if there is a reason to start a blog since there are social networks like Facebook and Twitter, through which they can promote their business. Blogging can bring different results in promoting your website and your business, which can not be achieved with social networking. An updated blog is a very good and effective way to promote your business.

Business Blog Guide

So Why You Should Create a Blog?

A blog adds valuable and rich content to the website of your business.The creation of articles in a specific niche, which is usually done on a blog, offers authenticity, which is particularly important in any industry.  Furthermore it allows other people to share experiences and opinion on different topics.

Benefits for Business

The most important benefits for businesses are the following:

  • A blog demonstrates corporate transparency and openness.
  • It helps you build relationships with your customers. When sharing information and experiences, your customers tend to trust you more.
  • Readers (and of course customers) can participate with comments and suggestions for improvement, and share their experiences on a particular topic.
  • It adds a human face and character to your business.
  • It is an affordable way of networking.

Things to consider Before Starting a Blog

  • What are your aims as a company?
  • Are you ready to start a public debate?
  • Have you got ideas that you can share?
  • Is there someone in your team who could take over the blog; If not, can you hire someone?
  • Are there people who might be interested in the topics you want to touch?

First Strategic Steps

You should create a clear but also flexible strategic objectives that you want to accomplish with your blog and focus on them. You will need well-defined units of measure for a proper monitoring process. Furthermore, you need to identify the persons who will undertake the writing and management of the content of your blog.

First Technical Steps

First of all avoid creating a free blog (,, etc). It is best to create your blog in a subdomain of your wesite (eg A good idea is to find a specialist SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to guide you through properly developing the content. Also, the design of your blog should follow the overall design of your website. These are the most important technical steps. Some more steps you can do are the following:

  • Make sure there is a possibility to share articles and comments through social media.
  • Create RSS feeds.
  • Create pages with profiles of writers to give personality to your blog.
  • Use categories and tags.
  • The content of your blog should reflect the nature of your business.
  • A picture = 1000 words! The use of images and video are essential to feed the senses of your readers.
  • Prefer conversational, experiential and emotional language.

Follow these pieces of advice and you will have a successful blog after some time that will help you promote your business and of course gain more customers.

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