How to Get a Free Stock

Did you ever want to dabble into the stock market? Might have been too afraid to lose your money? Here is one way to start risk free and with no commitment – Robinhood app. If you have never heard of it, please read some reviews and you will understand that is 100% legit and has been around for awhile now. Many news outlets have been raving about it.

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood is a free stock trading app available in the apple store as well as play store for android. It is just like every other stock trading platforms. One difference is that is designed for mobile users. The interface is very user friendly and is easy to get into. Just download it and you are ready to go.

Why choose Robinhood?

You may wonder why would I choose Robinhood over the other big dogs like Etrade, TD, etc. Well, the best part of Robinhood is commission free trading! That is right, no more paying $5, $10 per trade whenever you want to invest in different companies!

Commission can run you hundreds of dollars when you want to make many trades a month or a year. Also you may want to buy cheap stock that are anywhere from a dollar to 5 bucks. So if you bought 10 shares of stock X for $1 a share that will cost you a total of $20. Wait a minute, wasn’t it supposed to be $10?! Yes but here comes the commission and takes a cut in your small transaction.

How does it work?

Robinhood has been around for over 2-3 years now and has established itself in the market quite well. It is very attractive to amateur investors and traders but also seasoned veterans.

So in order to receive a free stock, you must follow a referral link which I will provide to you. Now you may be skeptical about free stuff and referrals but this is a new promotion that is only available to select long time users of Robinhood (me!). Here is the referral link:

What Stock can I receive?

Well the kicker is that you cannot choose a stock (hey everyone would pick a share of amazon worth nearly $1,000!). However there is a chance that you may get stocks like apple or facebook valued over $100. You may receive a $5 stock but hey, it is still a free stock! So follow my link and you can start your stock market adventures today!



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