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Domain investing is a profession that seems like it would be quite simple, but to become a successful domain investor, there can be a steep learning curve that can lead to considerable expense and a big time commitment.

Many people are trying to Make Money Online by Domain investing, but only few people have got successful in this business. Although there are many tips available in the online web which explains every bit of how to become a successful domain investor, none of them will make you a successful domain name investor. Predicting the future and buying the domain name based on it, working hard to promote the domain name are the two important things which will help you to make money with domain investing.

According to a recent estimation from a domain investing website, there are probably fewer than 300 people who are full-time, professional domain name investors available out there, but the number is most likely significantly fewer than that estimate. It’s not that the premise of investing in domain names is difficult, it’s just that it can take significant knowledge to know what domain names to buy, how to monetize them, where to list them for sale, and at what prices to sell them. is a brand new website that was created to help answer questions about domain names, domain monetization, domain sales, and just about anything else related to domain names. It is a website for the new Domainers who are entering into the world of domain name investing to ask questions and get answers from experienced Domainers. The website is launched by Elliot Silver, who is an Internet entrepreneur and domain industry veteran.

The site allows visitors to quickly register for a free account and post domain name-related questions that will be answered by Domain investors, domain consultants, Internet experts, SEO professionals, online entrepreneurs, marketers, and others will provide feedback with domain (or other) experience. Like Yahoo Answers, the DomainQuestions community can vote on the answers, and the person who asked the question can select the best answer.

Along with the question and answers, the site also provides useful tools and resources which guides you in Domain name investing. If you are looking for a website with all the information’s related to Domain name investing, then is the right place for you.

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