How Fast is your Internet Speed? – 4 Top Bookmarks

Remember the days of the dial up modem or still have dreams about mice running around in cages trying to make the wheel move faster. High speed internet is something we can’t live without but is your internet provider living up to its promise?

How Fast is your Internet Speed

Most internet providers sell a connection based on a guaranteed speed and its very possible to get credit if your connection is not as fast they promised. One way to check your internet speed is to simply do what is called a speed test. This not only helps determine the actual speed of your connection but can help identify connection problems when installing a wireless network. The different speed ranges are typically as follows:

  • Dialup Connection: 56k bits/second
  • DSL: 512k to 3mb bits/second
  • Cable Internet Connection: 3mb – 10mb bits/second
  • Fiber Optic Connection: 5mb – 30mb bits/second (superman speed)

When working online there are a lot of key tools you should bookmark. Below are some of the most basic internet tools every user should have in a folder for quick access.

Internet Speed Test

Test the speed of your internet connection using a variety of servers from around the world with this free internet speed test online.

What is your IP address?

What is my IP is an IP address locater. This tool instantly shows your IP address and is very important when asking for support, online gaming, accessing your computer remotely, tracing an email and a variety of other reasons.

Host Lookup

Here you can look up an IP address and see where it is located in the world. Get a nasty email from someone? While a host lookup tool may not tell you where the person lives but it sure can provide information your attorney may find helpful.

WHOIS Information for Domain Names

Want to buy a really cool name or just want to know who owns a domain name? is the easiest and cleanest WHOIS information tool out there. No GoDaddy girls, upgrades or security codes to enter. Just punch in a domain name and find it who owns it.

There are many great tools online and having a few bookmarked will save you time and energy navigating the web when you need them.

Do you know of any other great tools people can use?

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