Basic On-Page SEO Tips To Skyrocket Your Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things every webmaster and blogger should know.

One very important aspect of SEO is the on-page SEO, it is very important because it determines a lot about your off-page SEO. This post will be giving some basic on page SEO tips that can help you improve your search engine rankings.


Basic On-Page SEO Tips:

1. Meta Title: One very important aspect of your on page SEO is your meta title. It will determine a lot about your rankings.

If we take the keyword “football” for example and the sites with the following titles are trying to rank for that keyword, which do you think will win.

site A: GFI International.

site B: GFI football international football company.

Which of the two do you think will rank easier with the same effort for the keyword “football“? I can assure you it is site B.

Your meta title is very important because it is also the title that will be displayed in the search engines, and remember, the better your title, the better your click-through-rate.

2. Meta Description: Many people also tend to dismiss the importance of the meta description because they believe it does not aid your search engine rankings.

Your meta description is very important because it is the text that will be displayed to visitors when they are trying to search for keywords related to your blog and your blog shows up in the search engines.

Another important reason to optimize your meta description is because it also helps aid your search engine rankings. There is more probability you will gain a slight increase in your search engine ranking position when you have your keyword in your meta description.

3. Meta Keywords: This is the less important of all the three but it can also help in some ways. This might have no effect on big search engines like Google and Yahoo but it will have an effect on some smaller search engines and that can mean more traffic for you.

4. Keyword Density: This is another very important factor, many people tend to ignore the use of a keyword they are trying to rank for in their blog posts.

It is very important to have your desired keyword in your post at least twice because this proves to the search engine that you are really talking about that subject and you desire the position. If you don’t make use of your desired keyword in your post then there is no how the search engines can know.

Search engines can contribute a big deal to your traffic and I get thousands of visitors from search engines every month.

The above are some great basic on page SEO tips to help you increase your search engine rankings significantly.

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