The Basic Classification of Online Advertising Programs

Online Advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers, according to Wikipedia. In other words Online Advertising helps you to sell your product/service, notify your customers about your new product/service and to increase your brand awareness.

There are various types of Online Advertising programs available in the World Wide Web and each advertising program offers different results, and can help you achieve different goals. Before discussing in detail about the different Online Advertising programs, here’s the Basic Classification of them.


Basic Classification of Online Advertising Programs:

Affiliate advertising:

In Affiliate advertising Program, the advertiser pays the blogger, a sales commission when someone clicks through a link on the blogger site to advertiser’s site and buy a product.

Sponsored advertising:

In this type of advertising program, the blogger will be paid a fee when a sponsored advertisement is displayed on their site. The fee will be paid on CPM basis ( Cost per thousand page )

Contextual advertising:

It is primarily text-based advertising that appears on web pages where there is contextual relevance as determined by automated software.

The key difference among these three kinds of program is what visitors do :

  • Visitor use their credit card to make some purchase through the blogger Affiliate advertisement link, in Affiliate Advertising.
  • Visitors has to click if it is Contextual advertisement.
  • Sponsored advertisement is just meant to be displayed for the visitors.

I hope now you get the basic idea behind Online Advertising and the three basic classification of Online Advertising Programs.

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