7 Steps to Boost Social Media Link Building Campaigns

Social Media Link Building

Nobody could have predicted that social media networks would have such a tremendous impact on the global marketing industry. Still growing strongly, these networks are influencing not only the way people interact with each other but also how businesses have to conduct their marketing strategies. If companies want to be successful, they will have to pack up their old-school link exchange and buying methods and move on to more modern techniques.

social media link building

When using social media marketing as a link building method, you will have to focus on convincing as many web users as possible to link from their blog or site to your website. The following 7 strategies will help you achieve that goal.

1. Write Appealing Articles

Before you start your social media link building campaign, learn as much as you can about your audience. The more familiar you are with their likes and dislikes, the better you can tailor your articles to their taste. Do not hesitate to include unique, quality information in your content, as your readers will be quite fascinated by interesting facts that are relevant to them. The more you give your readers, the faster natural links will emerge. Keep in mind that your articles have to be SEO friendly and so compelling that people will take the time to create a link to you on their own blog or website.

2. Set up a Company Facebook Page

Although it is fun to share your thoughts and adventures with your friends and family, when it concerns your business, create a more professional Facebook page. Write compelling content for that page, and adjust the topics to the type of followers you attract. Mention your Facebook page on your website so that your loyal fan base has a chance to swiftly increase.

3. Tweet often

It may come as a surprise, but Twitter has been the fastest growing social media site the web has seen in the past two years. This social networking and micro-blogging service continues to grow steadily, which means that you too should open an account with them. As soon as you have your Twitter account, start sending out messages regularly. Use eye-catching headlines and include links to your articles. To verify if your Tweets have a great real-time click rate, and are indeed increasing your traffic flow register with sites like bit.ly or su.pr.

4. Explore Other Social Media Sites

The number of social media sites on the web is incredible; there literally are hundreds. Create accounts with as many as you can possibly manage, especially the more popular ones, like LinkedIn and Google Buzz. All of them are a great way to share your articles and blogs with new audiences.

5. Take Advantage of Social Bookmarking Sites

A little different than social media profiles, social bookmarking sites are great to share, search, organize and manage bookmarks. They are a simple solution to share the links you like, as well as those to your website. You can also write quality content with attention-grabbing headlines, and submit it to some of the top bookmarking sites such as Digg, Mixx, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.

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6. Include Social Media Links to Your Blogs

The reasons why an audience is fascinated by your site may be plentiful; people can find your site appealing because you offer great products and services, you shine in web development, or they find your content refreshing and captivating. They may also enjoy the social media and social bookmarking sites you include at the end of your blogs and articles. The links will help your readers to broaden their horizon on topics that interest them and are easy enough for them to grab and share with their network.

7. Become a Guest Blogger

High traffic blog sites rely on fresh, quality content to captivate their readers. They need new material, yet may not always have the time to write all of the required content themselves. To keep up with the demand, these sites will gladly accept well-written articles and blogs from other sources, including you if you have the knowledge. So, don’t be shy and increase your fan base and social media presence by contributing to these popular sites with your original content. If you are lucky, your host will even allow you to include a link back to your site within your article. That will increase your online visibility, in addition to your announcements about your guest blog articles through all of your social media network channels.

Creating quality content and promoting it online through social media networks has become one of the most profitable ways to build links. It not only makes you more visible to potential fans, but will also advance your SEO rankings. Don’t hesitate any longer, get to work and give your link building campaign a modern boost by taking advantage of the record amount of traffic social media sites experience. Jump in, because traffic to these sites is only going to increase in years to come!

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