7 Reasons Why Self Hosted WordPress Blog is Better than Free Blog (Bloggers)

If you are a newbie in the world of blogging, you will surely have this question in mind, “Is self hosted wordpress blog is better than free blogs from blogger.com, WordPress.com?”. The answer, of course for this question is “yes”. I have written this article to really understand why self hosted wordpress blog is better than blogger blog or any other free blogs.

Why self hosted wordpress blog is better than free blog?



Full Control over your blog:

Blogger is owned by Google Inclusions and they can delete your blogspot blog created without any prior warning if someone marked your blog as a spam blog, even if there is no spamming element in your blog. This happened to most of bloggers who are using blogspot platform. If you own a Self hosted wordpress blog with custom domain there is no risk and thus you have full control over your blog.

Google Adsense:

Every blogger wants to make money online and there is no doubt about that. When a blogger thinks about making money online from his blog, the first thing which will come to his mind is Adsense. Initially, it was easy to get Adsense approved if you were using blogger blogs. These days, it becomes difficult to get an Adsense approved with free blogs created on Blogger.com. With self hosted wordpress blog, getting your blog approved for Google Adsense is very easy.

Search Engine Optimization:

The Ultimate target of every blogger is getting traffic for his blog, whether they are working with free blogs like blogger or self hosted wordpress blogs. Search engine optimization means Optimizing your blog for search engines and getting traffic from search engine. With the use of plugins available with self hosted wordpress blogs, you can achieve this quite easily.


WordPress.org has lot of plugins avaiable which can be used for different task. You can easily edit your theme with the help of these of plugins. Blogger blogs don’t have this feature which is why many bloggers moving from blogger to wordpress blogs.

Gain more Respect:

If you have a blog on free blogging platform like blogger.com, WordPress.com people may think that you are just dabbling in blogging. This is because mostly blogger blogs are used for the purpose of Black hat SEO, spamming and affiliate landing pages. When you have a Self hosted WordPress blog, people would think that you are a serious blogger and you have a passion for blogging.

Themes and Templates:

Blogger has got many quality themes or templates, but there is no flexibility like you cannot host your template images on your server. With WordPress.org you can customize any theme in the way you want and you don’t need to worry about the flexibility, since it is self hosted and you have full control over it.

Blog Selling Options:

Since blogger.com is owned by Google, you don’t have any ownership rights over the domain and therefore you can’t sell your blogger blog. But with self hosted wordpress blog, you have the ownership rights of the blog which includes the domain and the post which allows you to sell your blog and earn money.

I hope now you have really understood why self hosted wordpress blog is better than blogspot blog or any other free blogs.

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