7 Best Sites to Write for and Earn Money Online

Not for nothing is the internet also called the world wide web – it’s a place crawling with billions of pages of text. To create that kind of content, you need writers, and just as the internet demands the services of writers, it provides them with even more opportunities to work as freelancers. Here is a list of seven best sites to get writing opportunities and earn money online.

Freelance Job Sites:

Sites like Elance and Odesk (now Upwork) are a marketplaces of buyers and sellers of services. People, or businesses, with content requirements post their jobs, which the writers (in the capacity of providers or contractors) can then bid on. The poster, also known as the client, of the job can accept one or more of the bids. Once the bidder gets selected and finishes the job, payment is done through the website itself. The website will take a fee out of the payment, in lieu of the services provided by it. The bidder can also demand upfront payments – this is usually done by more established providers.

Free Job Boards:

There are many places where you can get client without the hassle or protection of a professional service, as is the case with Elance. The foremost among these is Craigslist. The importance of Craigslist in connecting you to potential clients and jobs cannot be overstated. The most important factor is the local nature of Craigslist. Its Writing Services section will be filled with ads for jobs in your city – it is up to you to contact the ad-posters and interest them in your services. These are not just part-time gigs, many of these jobs are 5 days a week, full time jobs. But among these jobs, there are smaller gigs like ghost-writing, screenplay writing gigs.

Online Publishers

Sites like Demand Studios and Yahoo! Associated Content publish content online and hire writers to fulfill their publishing requirements. These “content mills”, as they are somewhat pejoratively called, employ or require thousands of writers to write on various topics. But unlike Elance and Odesk, both of these are open to US citizens or residents only. Both of them have plans where they will pay you upfront for your article, and then share with you the advertising revenue accrued from it.

Then there are Squidoo and HubPages, who do not pay you upfront for your articles, but publish them online for you, and give you a share in the ad-revenue earned from them. If you do not want the headache of making and maintaining your own site, and promoting it, but still want to write and earn advertising or affiliate revenue, Squidoo and HubPages are a good option for you. They can share from 50% or 90% of ad-revenue for your article with you. (Squidoo was acquired by Hubpages a few years back)

Last words ( of this article)

These seven sites are the top sites among a very big list of online portals that claim to pay you for your articles. Unlike most others, these actually deliver on their promises. How much? That depends on your expertise and effort. Best of luck!

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