6 Reasons You need a Facebook Fan Page

When Facebook announced the Fan Pages, some people were hailing it for its new features and some hated it. Facebook Fan pages are not just for large companies who want to integrate with Social Media. A Facebook Fan Page is a public profile for your blog or small website, where you can share your products, services, and reviews with the fellow Facebook users. In this article, I am going to present six main reasons for having a Facebook Fan page.

6 Reasons You Need a Facebook Fan Page:

  1. While Facebook user profiles aren’t public, preventing the search engine from indexing, Facebook Fan pages are public and thus search engine can index your fan pages and list them in their search results. Since Facebook is the second popular site according to Alexa, this will serve as a SEO boost.
  2. Facebook Fan page has an inbuilt application called Notes, using which you can connect your blog feed to the Fan pages. This is an easy way to send Updates about your new services or products which you have updated in your website or blog to interested users.
  3. Fan pages are an easy way to build a community for your blog or website. If you are an Internet Marketer you can use the Facebook Fan Page for building a community for your clients and prospects.
  4. Facebook Fan pages are entirely controlled by the user who creates it. So you can customize the design using FBML, add new applications to the Fan pages and more.
  5. Using this you can create and promote events, upload unlimited photo’s and video’s which are related your blog or website and create brand advocates.
  6. Creating a Fan page is free and easy. You can create a page in just a few minutes by adding some information’s, URL and your logo.

These are main reason’s which makes to create my own Facebook Fan Page.

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