6 Important Tools That Your Web Host Should Offer

In this day and age, and with today’s ways of the world, almost everybody could benefit from having a website of their own. No matter whether you own a business, or you are just someone who wishes to make some money online, the best thing you can do in order to establish a strong online presence is to have a website of your own. Now, there is more to owning a website than just building it anyway you can and finding a web hosting company. In order to promote your business the way you should, or to make some money from the website, you will have to make the website in question as professional and as appealing as possible – and this can easily be done with the use of open source apps.

Which Open Source Apps Should Your Web Host Offer?

Web Host Should Offer

The truth is that there are hundreds of very practical and commonly used open source apps, and your web host should ideally offer all of them. For example, there are a lot of good management apps available to you, but you are likely to choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Therefore, your web host should offer you an array of open source apps to choose from, and below will be the most essential ones listed.

The List of 6 Open Source Apps your Web Host Should Provide you with

Here will be listed the six must-have open source apps that your web host should have available for you:

  1. WordPress – As the most popular open source app out there, WordPress is really something that should always be available to you, no matter which web host you go for. It is easy to use, fast and incredibly reliable, so its value is apparent.
  2. Joomla! – Even though many people think that Joomla! Is only used for extremely big and complex websites, the fact is that you can use this content management system with a website of any size and complexity equally well.
  3. phpBB3 – This is the most popular and probably the best open source forum application available to you. So, your web host should make sure you can use it, as it will make it very easy for you to run a forum on your website.
  4. Elgg – Another open source app that is a must have, Elgg is used for creating and maintaining social networking platforms on your website.
  5. Bugzilla – The best open source app for bug tracking. It is quickly and easily integrated with your existing system, and it provides you with a lot of features and options.
  6. Coppermine – If you are looking for an open source app for picture galleries, Coppermine is the best you can go for. It is a multi-purpose app with a lot of features available to users.

The Significance of Open Source Apps

Owing to the fact that open source apps are being improved regularly, you can easily conclude that using them has many benefits. Aside from this, the fact that they come at no cost at all is always an added benefit.

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