5 Reasons WordPress Is Ideal For Small Business Websites

WordPress for Small Business

For the majority of people who plan to set-up their own small business, developing a website will be fairly high on their list of essential marketing materials. However, for sole traders and freelancers who are working to a tight budget, seeking quotes from high-end web development agencies is probably out of the question. High quality, bespoke web design does not come cheap. Custom PHP scripting, HTML and CSS coding can take many days, weeks or even months to complete, dependent on the scale of the project. On the other side of the fence, companies offering “build your own free websites” may limit your development capabilities together with your potential to promote your site using tactics such as search engine optimization.

The ideal solution for start-ups and small businesses on a low budget is to use WordPress and here are 5 reasons why:

WordPress For Small Business:

1) WordPress is easy to install

Having some basic familiarity with HTML and how to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client would be useful, but isn’t even strictly necessary for setting up WordPress on your domain. Many web hosting companies offer an automatic install as part of their package, so check with your host to see if this is the case.

2) Customizable themes

With a vast array of themes available for WordPress, you can almost be guaranteed to find a template that meets the requirements of most small business enterprises. Customizing your theme to suit your new brand does require a reasonably good understanding of how WordPress works – plus HTML and CSS knowledge would be a distinct advantage. However, should you need to contract someone to assist you with this part of the process; the cost will be significantly less than the cost to contract a web developer to build an entirely new website from scratch.

3) Support Community

WordPress has a colossal support community surrounding it, so if you encounter any issues with your installation or site set-up there is help at hand. In addition, with so many developers choosing WordPress as their preferred development platform, there are literally thousands of plug-ins available to help you tailor your website to your specific requirements. This includes everything from column creators to SEO tools.

4) Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is first and foremost a blogging tool. However, more and more small businesses are using it to front both their main website and blog. Google loves new content, so using WordPress to blog feeds their love for content! Build links into your site and, using WordPress, you can often start to compete for the long-tail (less competitive keywords) very quickly.

5) Ease of use

WordPress is not rocket science to use. Once you’ve mastered the difference between Pages and Posts, you can be well on your way to publishing your own content in no time. WordPress also offer in-depth tutorials for beginners.

So, if you’re looking to set up a small business website – definitely consider WordPress as one of your options. It’s easy to install and to learn how to use and it offers a great development platform in terms of future upgrades and marketing potential, including SEO.

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