5 Basic SEO Blogging Tips

Blogging is the easiest way of connecting yourself or your business with the online users. If you are running an online business, you can expand and promote it via blogging, since it helps you to help you acquire traffic. But blogging doesn’t end with this. People write blogs for many reasons. There are Personal blogs, Corporate and organizational blogs, blogs by the Genre, blogs by media type and blogs by the device.

There is one misunderstanding concept in blogging. Search Engine Optimization is a term often considered outside the blogging part by many bloggers. That’s quite wrong. Search Engine Optimization is a term related to blogging and it is the only way to receive organic traffic to your blog. There are many ways to do SEO for your blog. But the following are the basic SEO tips for blogging and I recommend every blogger to follow these tips.

Post Titles:

Post titles play an important in Search Engine Optimization. Like headlines in newspapers, post title makes your blog readers stick with your blog post. Writing an appealing, attracted and motivated post titles will ask your readers to go through the content. For example, we will take a look at the title of this blog post. We can write it in many ways like “ 5 SEO Blogging Tips ”, or “ 5 SEO Tips for Blogging ”, but to make it appealing and attractive I have written in this way. Also, I have included the keywords in this blog post title. Including keywords in post titles will make your blog to be picked up by search engines quickly. So for better blogging experience, choose your post title carefully.


Keywords play a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization. Every blogger, should identify their keywords and make good use of them. They should write keywords in the article without making them noticeable. This is an art and bloggers will acquire them naturally by blogging. Online users use these keywords in the search engines as search terms and if bloggers used them wisely within their blog post and title, then the search engine will retrieve the article in its search page. Writing keywords in the blog post and the title is one particular strategy to improve your blog search engine positions.


Creating a network will be used as a prominent tool for search engine optimization by many bloggers. Building a network for your blog will provide backlinks, which many Search Engines including Google considers while ranking your blog in its search positions. There are many ways to build a network for your blog. Some of them are commenting in the related niche blogs, creating a Facebook Fan page and requesting a blog roll trade. Social Bookmarking also helps you to build a network for your blog. If you intend to get your blog noticed out by search engines, then build a network for your blog.

Post Quick:

Posting quick before other bloggers will make your article to get noticed by search engines quickly and gives you more traffic. But this can’t be done unless you are a pro blogger or if you have ample time to spend on the World Wide Web. So to keep the pace with pro bloggers, many part-time bloggers use online bookmark managers to know the real-time facts and updates. Getting ahead in the competition, by posting quick will always result in a Good deal of traffic for your blog.


The Golden Rule of SEO is, “ Content is King ”. Writing quality content will always make people stick with your blog and share your blog post with others. Since sharing is an important strategy of building a network or community, writing quality articles alone will result in creating a network for your blog and helps you to get quality backlinks. But you need to take care of frequency of posting. Publishing quality articles frequently will surely get top rankings for your blog in a short period.

Blogging with proper Search Engine Optimization will always result in success. I hope these tips will help you in your blog Search Engine Optimization.

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