3 Reasons Why you Should Have a Personal Blog?


A Personal blog is a place where you can write about anything you want. While some entrepreneurial bloggers look down personal blogs as being second rate, I think personal blogging is a great training ground for bloggers to reach the entrepreneurial level. You can blog pretty much about anything you would like and it doesn’t have to be strictly business realted. Blogs are great for exploring hobbies and various interesets. The following are the 3 reasons why a blogger should have a personal blog.


3 Reasons why you should have a personal blog?

Freedom of Expression:

Having a personal blog allows you to write whatever you want and whatever you like. You can discuss your cooking skills, the place you have visited today, anything you want. Since personal blogs give you the pleasure of writing, you don’t to worry about the readers.

Private Blogging:

Since personal blogs have nothing to do with the business of serious writing, you can have them as private just for your friends and family. There are some people who use their blog as a personal diary. If it’s a personal blog, they have the options of having his/her blog private for only family and friends.

A starting point to Success:

A Personal blog can be a starting point to learn about content writing, defining a niche, getting readership or blog designing before transferring the knowledge to a professional blog for greater exposure and regular income. That’s the reason personal blogging was a great training ground for my current blogging on an entrepreneurial level.

These are the reasons that I think why a blogger should have a personal blog.

Do you have a personal blog? What do you use it for and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section

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